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About BNi

Proud CANADIAN Manufacturer of custom domed decals, signs, overlays, & nameplates since 1987.


We make custom LABELS & SIGNS designed for short-to-long term use indoor or outdoor on any surface and in cold or hot environments.

Services include Domed Decals, Signs, Overlays, & Nameplates. In Addition, Metal Plates, Plaques, Bar Coding, Serial & Asset Tags, Photoluminescent Signs, Floor Signage, & more. We have tons of solutions, just ask.

Domed Decals

Crystalart doming is our PREMIUM finish of choice for decal stickers.

Also known as "Domed" "3d" "Bubble" "Polyurethane" Decal Sticker, provide a very high visual impact for your design. A special resin is applied to the top of the label. The resin acts as a protective barrier between your graphics and everything else including UV rays, colour fading, discolouration, and outside elements that can decrease a labels life expectancy.


Signs that are digitally printed brings your graphics to life.

Our in-house art department is capable of producing high-resolution images, labels, bar codes, asset tags, banners, posters, marketing signs, & more. Great for any application large or small.


Machine overlays made by screen printing aka "Silkcreen.

We suggest materials that would fit your requirements based on size, substrates, colours, layout, etc. Build sample for review and approval.

We make our own screens in-house for each new order to control quality and cost while passing the savings back onto you. Our screens can be made to print legible 3 point text and match any colour (Pantone).

We use high quality overlamintaes & ink that adds protection with a robust imprint to material for durability and clarity.


Custom nameplates.

Lamacoids is a 2-ply and 3-ply engraved plastic for many applications such as name tags, nameplates, legend plates, valve tags, etc. for tagging machines, equipment, construction, office, serialization, manufacturering certifications, & more. It is cost-effective and comes in a variety of colors, sizes, & textures easily mounted with adhesive backing.

Made in metal with laser, engraving, sublimation, & anodizing.