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Welcome to BNi
We are a proud Canadian manufacturer that has been operating for over 30 years, designing and developing signs and labels. We offer services such as crystalart doming, digital printing, screen printing, die and digital cutting, chemical etching and anodizing, sublimation, lamacoids, and engraving.
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We create labels and signs designed with options for short, medium, and long term use indoor or outdoor and could be applied on multiple surfaces or applications in cold or warm environments.

Crystalart Doming

Crystalart doming is our finish of choice. Also known as Domed Decals, they provide a very high visual impact for your product. A special resin is applied to the top of the label. The resin acts as a protective barrier between your graphics and everything else including UV rays, colour fading, discolouration and outside elements that can decrease a labels life expectancy.

Digital Printing

Digital printers are perfect for bringing your larger format graphics to life. Our in-house art department is capable of producing high-resolution images, large format labels, banners, serialized nameplates and more. Perfect for low volume and sample runs, our digital printers are the right tools for the job.

Screen Printing

We make our own screens in-house for each new order to control quality and cost while passing the savings back onto you. Our screens can be made to print legible 3 point text and match any colour samples provided to us. Our plant also features a clean room free of dust to allow circuit board and data entry panel printing.


We have large format as well as multiple-up cutting. Zoned adhesives in various sizes and shapes can be added to the finished product where you need it. Digital cutting is also offered for low volume, one-time orders and sample nameplates. Our digital cutter can be calibrated to virtually any design and can cut fine text as well as produce nameplates with sharper edges.


Sublimation is a printing method for transferring images onto suitable materials which is a chemical process when a solid turns into a gas without going through a liquid stage.

Lamacoids and Engraving

Lamacoids is a 2-ply and 3-ply engraved plastic name tags, nameplates, legend plates, valve tags, etc. for tagging machines, pipes, and electrical boxes. It is cost-effective and comes in a variety of colors and textures easily mounted with adhesive backing.

Chemical Etching and Anodizing

Our etching process uses chemicals and acids to dissolve unwanted material, making it perfect for circuit boards, metal key chains and identification plates. Anodizing provides metals with increased wear and corrosion resistance, better adhesion for paints and glues for aluminium and steel, in addition metals can also be dyed in different colours during anodizing.


Our in-house art department is available to use your designs or create designs that would meet your specifications.


April 8, 2021

Official Oddbods in English/French

We are excited to launch Oddbods set of 7 decals. Support children to learn social distancing in a fun way. Buy Now

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March 18, 2021

BNi Friends available direct

We are delighted to launch BNi Friends direct and coming soon to Amazon. The set of friends will offer decals, masks, and t-shirts.

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Newt and Fuse Oddbods
November 2, 2020

Looking Beyond Face Coverings

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Karen Raugust

Raugust Communications

September 28, 2020

One Animation signs deal with BNi

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